Get involved

ClubFest, held at the start of each semester, showcases Iowa State's 800+ student organizations. The list of clubs represents a broad range of interests, including academics, sports, social issues, hobbies, culture/identity, leadership, and more.

Your next opportunity is in the making

Find a club that matches your academic or career goals. Discover an organization that fulfills you on a personal level. Whether it is baking, building, volunteering, or dancing, joining student organizations helps you find the people who love what you love.

Exterior shot of the Memorial Union and Fountain of the Four Seasons

Meet up at the Memorial Union

The Memorial Union has been the campus hub for student activities since 1928, offering a wide range of programming, amenities, and student service centers where you'll feel welcome and valued as part of the Iowa State community. Step inside the historic building to find entertainment, learning, leadership, creative, collaborative opportunities and more.

Visit the MU

Iowa State has allowed me to get involved from the second I walked onto campus. I've been able to develop leadership skills while also becoming immersed in the unique community Iowa State has to offer.

Monet Butler, Honors student board member, First Year Council peer advisor, Orchesis dancer, Pohlman Museum fellow, and Undergraduate Research ambassador

Community in the making

The Iowa State experience is different for everyone. A network of organizations, programs and services are available to help all Iowa Staters find community by fostering a supportive learning, working and living environment.