These experiences will last a lifetime and would not have happened without available scholarships that make the program affordable. Words truly cannot describe how grateful I am for this opportunity.

Zakiya Johnson, psychology, American College, Greece

Oh, the places you'll go

Sarah Pilut with the Mona Lisa during her study abroad experience
Sarah Pilut with the Mona Lisa during her study abroad experience.

Take courses toward your major, join a faculty-led program or find an international internship. With study abroad programs in more than 50 countries, there are many opportunities for learning around the world while working toward your degree. 

Locations and duration vary, ranging from just a couple weeks to full semesters. Staff in the Study Abroad Center and college international program offices provide planning and support to make the most of your experience. 

  • Ashley Hipnar jumps in the air with the Costa Rican mountains in the background

    Ashley Hipnar

    Environmental science

    Veritas University, Costa Rica

  • Natalie France poses in Brussels city center at night

    Natalie France

    Supply chain management

    Solvay, Belgium

  • Sean McDermott poses in the Irish landscape

    Sean McDermott


    University College Cork, Ireland