Your investment. How much does it cost?

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A college degree is a major financial investment and research shows it’s still one of the best investments a person can make. In fact, a recent U.S. Census Bureau report shows that students who obtain a bachelor’s degree earn nearly $1 million more over their lifetime than students who earn a high school diploma only.

The best way to fast-track your scholarship, financial aid, and work-study opportunities is by applying early. Helping you succeed is our sole purpose at Iowa State. Once you apply, we can help identify all the financial resources that are available to you.

  • Financial aid

    Financial aid awards are typically a combination of grants, loans, and employment. To be considered for need-based financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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  • Scholarships

    Iowa State awards millions of dollars in scholarship awards each year to incoming students. Some awards are automatic while many require an application.

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  • Student employment

    Many students finance their education through part-time jobs. Research has shown that students who work up to 12 hours per week have higher grade point averages than students who do not work.

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