Iowa State University


Adventure leads to glory and Glamour Adventure leads to glory and Glamour

My Adventure

Tropical oasis

Step out of the cold and into the tropics with a visit to Reiman Gardens' butterfly wing.


Some elementary students get a chance to earn free tuition to Iowa State.

Prevent the flu

Tips on how to stay healthy and help slow the spread of the flu.

Relaxing hideaway

The Memorial Union's Browsing Library is a quiet place to rest, relax or study.

Bells of Iowa State

Take a look inside the campanile to see what it takes to keep the carillon bells in tune.

Food Sciences Courtyard

Christian Petersen's History of Dairying fountain is the focal point of this campus hideaway.

Lake LaVerne

Take a walk around the lake, home to the iconic swans Lancelot and Elaine.