Iowa State University


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My Adventure

Spaceflight workshop

Students get one-of-a-kind, astronaut-designed training.

Nicole Valderrabano

Valderrabano shares her out-of-this-world experience at Boeing, and how she was able to take advantage of every opportunity by saying yes to it.

Deepak Premkumar

Premkumar shares how he was able to follow his passions, present his findings at major conferences and change the world at Iowa State.

Ryan Francois

Francois shares his experience studying abroad, participating in the Red Bull Flugtag, and how to make the most out of an adventure.

Nicholas Bormann

Bormann shares how he was able to research with a professor, become published and get involved to enjoy his adventure.

Curtain call

After 50-year hang time, Stephens' iconic curtain comes down, temporarily.

Megan Weems

Weems shares how she was able to discover her passion, cure the sick in Ghana, and enjoy the wonderful community at Iowa State.

German Parada

Parada looks back on his adventure in the men’s choir, researching with professors, and getting his research published.

Caine Westergard

Westergard shares her experiences in the Greek community, creating a clothing label for the Omaha Fashion show, and growing as a person during her time at Iowa State.

Sean Lundy

Lundy shares how his passion took him to Uganda, Panama, and the US Senate.