Two perspectives. One innovative adventure.

Portrait profiles of students Andrew Heller and Yvonne Speck

They say great minds think alike. But at Iowa State we say the greatest minds are those that recognize true innovation comes from combining diverse ways of thinking. To back up that claim, Iowa State offers programs that foster such collaboration between students in a variety of fields.

Engineering major Andrew Heller and Yvonne Speck, a student studying in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, recently partnered to form a cosmetics company, Aphraya.

“Andrew is 95% prototyping and tinkerer at heart,” says Speck. While Heller adds, “Yvonne takes the administrative role and really has the ability to connect to our audience in a way I can’t.”

Now the duo of opposites is working out the kinks of their respective roles in the company, as well as its first product for false eyelash application through CYstarters, a business accelerator.

“CYstarters is a wonderful opportunity. I don’t think many other schools offer such a program. It allows us to explore a project that otherwise we wouldn’t be doing,” says Heller.

Heller and Speck are the rule, not the exception, when it comes to entrepreneurship at Iowa State. When you embark on your adventure in innovation, you’ll find partners in surprising places, learn to collaborate with diverse minds, and benefit from programs and people that will help you do more than you ever thought possible.

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