An adventure worth testifying for

Profile of Hua Sun with a graphic of the U.S. Capitol.

How do you know your adventures in research are having a significant impact on the world? You get invited to testify before the United State Congress on your astounding study findings.

"Certainly, from the beginning, we got support from Iowa State – the department, the college, and high-level administration," said Associate Professor of Finance Hua Sun. "They helped me to review my testimony, gave me comments, and coached me on how to present."

Sun and his research partner Lei Gao – also an Iowa State faculty member – spent many months combing through data on mortgage lending practices and the findings shed light on serious inequalities. Same-sex applicants are 73.12% more likely to be denied a mortgage loan, and they tend to be charged up to 0.2% higher interest.

When it came time to testify before the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee, Sun told Congress, "There is strong evidence that same-sex borrowers are experiencing discrimination – from not all lenders, but many lenders. And the magnitude is significant."

While Congress wrestles with how to best address the lending inequalities, Sun knows what he'll do next now armed with his research findings. He's looking forward to doing more research on mortgage lending to communities beyond LGBTQ and, "I think, given what I found in the research, I should spend even more time on ethics in my classes."

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