Campaigning for adventure

Portrait of associate professor of political science, Amy Erica

From bipartisanship and pundits to filibusters and incumbents -- if you need help understanding anything political in nature, just ask Iowa State associate professor of political science, Amy Erica Smith. Because politics is her passion.

Specifically, Smith is passionate about providing students and the general public the knowledge to advocate for better democracy. Especially since, as she puts it, although modern democracy is one of the most important human inventions in the past several hundred years, it’s also one of the most fragile. Said Smith, “Democracy depends on responsible citizens, and it can die. I want to give individuals the intellectual tools to understand all of this.”

Whether she’s examining how religious groups in the developing world respond to climate change or writing for major news outlets like Vox and the Washington Post, Smith is happy to have a platform to do what she loves at Iowa State. “I love that Iowa State has a mission to improve the local community, the state, the country, and the world through both research and extension. I feel that the university has been receptive to my work because it recognizes its real-world impact. And that’s exciting.”

Know what else is exciting? That when you choose to attend Iowa State, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from -- and work with -- professors like Smith who are making the world a better place through their teaching and research. And that’s one adventure everyone is sure to vote for.

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