Adventure. Inclusion.

Human Sciences faculty members Ellen McKinney and Tera Jordan.

For Iowa State College of Human Sciences professors, inclusivity isn’t a buzzword. It isn’t a side note. And it definitely isn’t a topic they take lightly. No, for these professors, inclusivity is their mission. To make it possible, they even have a yearlong seminar dedicated to the subject.

That seminar is called Mission Inclusion and it’s where faculty members learn how to better promote inclusion, equity, and representation in their classrooms. For associate professor in apparel, events, and hospitality Ellen McKinney, it led to her challenging students to design clothing for those with disabilities. Said McKinney, “For students, getting to know people with disabilities one-on-one helped them realize their own assumptions and biases. These students are now better prepared to be inclusive of all types of people as they move into their careers.”

Iowa State associate professor and researcher Tera Jordan promotes inclusivity and cultural sensitivity throughout her research, which is focused on contemporary issues in family health and well-being among underrepresented adults, youth, and families. Through Jordan’s research, she’s connected to a diversity of community members who she invites into her classroom to provide different perspectives to her students. “I try to help students understand different ways of viewing the world and emphasize that connecting with individuals who live and think differently is an important skill in working in an ever-changing society,” Jordan said.

Everyone wants to feel safe, welcomed, supported, included, and valued no matter who they are or where they might be. On your Iowa State adventure, you’ll find supportive faculty and staff dedicated to making sure students feel all that and more. It’s a mission we 100 percent believe is 100 percent possible.

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