A chocolate-coated adventure

Portrait of senior Allison Little by a Hershey company sign.

Attention all chocolate lovers, here’s an adventure that’s sure to make your mouth water. For 14 months, Iowa State student Allison Little is working in a co-op program at one of the most well-known chocolate manufacturers in the world -- The Hershey Company. So, is your sweet tooth tingling yet?

At Hershey’s, Little (junior in food science) is overseeing test trials, writing reports, presenting findings and, of course, testing new ingredients. It’s an amazing opportunity -- and one that isn’t lost on her. “I’m absolutely thrilled to have such a rare opportunity to get real hands-on experience in the industry with a major food company like The Hershey Company,” Little said.

As for other students looking to propel their future as fast as possible, Little recommends learning outside of the classroom. “Iowa State has a variety of clubs and organizations with experiences that link classroom learning to the real world and also provide valuable networking opportunities,” Little said. “Many employers don’t just look at a person’s grades when interviewing. They also want to see that their potential future employee has experiences that show they can develop relationships and work well with other people.”

Iowa State students like Little want something more from college. That’s why they work so hard to take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. When you get here, we have no doubt that you’ll do the same. In fact, you might just have the sweetest Iowa State adventure yet.

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