Adventuring in entrepreneurship

Design drawings of Lotus razor with prototype

Some might call Steven Abramsky as sharp as a razor. After all, he had the brilliant idea to turn the women’s razor industry on its head with a design that can shave in any direction. Know what’s even more impressive? The fact that he did it all as an Iowa State student.

Abramsky (‘19, industrial design) calls his invention the Lotus razor. Although the Lotus won’t start shipping until 2020, Abramsky first got the idea for his project in an industrial design class he took his junior year. With a multitude of design sketches, some perseverance, and a little help from professors and entrepreneurial programs at Iowa State, he was soon holding a prototype. Said Abramsky, “I contacted an international manufacturer, took part in CYstarters (Iowa State’s 11-week entrepreneurial accelerator), and a year later I had a razor I could move in any direction.”

Stories like Abramsky’s happen all the time at Iowa State. It’s because Iowa State students don’t like waiting -- they want to be creating. Not in a few years, but right now. It’s like Abramsky says, “Entrepreneurship and innovation are thriving at Iowa State. There are very interesting ideas floating around and passionate people who genuinely care a lot about what they are doing.”

If you’re into doing more than dreaming. If you like to invent rather than just imagine. If you live to tackle old problems in new ways. And, of course, if you’re razor sharp, then an Iowa State adventure could be the perfect design for you.

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