Adventure. Game on.

Esports players posing with car graphic in background.

Picture this. It's a heated intramural competition. Players are giving it their all. Striving for victory. Playing their hearts out. So, is this competition happening on a football field? Maybe a basketball court? Nope. It's all happening in front of a computer screen. That's because it's the Iowa State Recreation Services' newest intramural option -- esports. The first esports video game being played is Rocket League, a game that's described as playing soccer, but with cars.

Sure, this isn't a traditional intramural, but it's a competition that reaches an entirely new population of Iowa State students. "We realize that everyone is competitive in different ways," said Mitchell Garrett, senior in industrial design and manager of the Game Renegades Rocket League teams. "We're hoping this will open new doors for people who normally wouldn't compete in intramurals as well as help them explore everything there is to do on our diverse campus."

So far, esports has proven to be a popular intramural option, with close to 500 students participating. For many, it's the perfect break from daily stressors. "Intramurals have always been about getting away from the stress of classes, studying, etc. -- and Rocket League is no different," said Nathan Pick, intramural sports coordinator. Plus, it's a great way to meet people. Said Garrett, "It all starts by playing a game with a couple of other people and the next thing you know, these people turn into friends you talk to on a daily basis."

"Something for everyone" is the motto of Iowa State Recreation Services. But really, that saying could apply all across Iowa State. Because with more than 900 clubs and student organizations on campus, you're sure to find activities and groups that are perfect for you.

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