A different kind of adventure

Student Lauren Berglund walking across campus on a colorful spri

Moving into your residence hall. Finding your way to class. Learning bus routes. There can be a lot to adjust to when transitioning to college. So, imagine how different this can be when you're living with a disability. That's why Lauren Berglund, Iowa State senior in child, adult, and family services, has made it her mission to make college campuses more accessible and inclusive for all.

Berglund, who is legally blind, was the 2018-19 co-president of Iowa State's Alliance for Disability Awareness (ADA). Advocating for herself and others is nothing new for Berglund. "I joined the ADA because I have been involved with advocacy for as long as I can remember," she said. "Through the ADA I have continued that advocacy through college. I also wanted to have the opportunity to meet others who may have similar experiences to mine to help build a sense of belonging."

With help from Berglund and the ADA team, Iowa State is working on improving its accessibility in both facilities upgrades like restrooms as well as installing proper Braille signage across campus. The Student Accessibility Services office also supports students through resources and programs designed to enable access to education and university life. After all, it's like Berglund says, "People with disabilities want the same things abled people do, but sometimes we may need accommodations to do those things. That doesn't make us less of a person."

When you go to college, you want to feel like you belong. At Iowa State, you'll find a campus that will build you up and allow you to shine. And you can be assured -- we're always working to create a more accessible and inclusive adventure for all students.

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