Diversity is her passion. Adventure is her calling.

Associate professor Angela Shaw picking apples with students.

There's one topic people can be heard discussing across the country -- the importance of diversity and inclusion. But instead of just talking about the subject, Iowa State associate professor in food science and human nutrition Angela Shaw is actually doing something about it.

At Iowa State, Shaw teaches her students to follow their passions -- no matter their race, sex or religion. In fact, her focus on inclusion and identity in her classes is part of the reason why Shaw recently won Iowa State's Faculty Award for Diversity Enhancement. "Identity is a big message for me to my students," Shaw said. "I tell them, 'Your uniqueness is made to change a portion of the world."'

But her message doesn't end with college students -- she also works to empower middle school students of color through the Passion Project. This 18-week program administered by Iowa State faculty and staff gives students of color in predominantly white school districts opportunities to explore new career options, learn new professional skills, and more. Said Shaw, "I hope to inspire students to dream big and live bigger. I hope to show them that following their passions will lead them to a more fulfilling life."

When students come to Iowa State, they want to be exposed to diverse thoughts, people and cultures -- because they know this is how they'll grow as individuals. That's why it's so important that all students (including you) feel welcome, supported and included while on their adventure. No matter what that adventure may look like.

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