Adventuring in the great outdoors

Forestry junior Abby Zabrodsky sitting on a pile of logs.

If you can't find Abby Zabrodsky in class, just take a look in the great outdoors and chances are you can find her there. After all, that's where this Iowa State junior in forestry loves spending her time, whether she's hiking, researching tree growth, or even ... logrolling.

Yes, you read that correctly. Along with being a Dean's Leadership Scholar in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Zabrodsky can also add logrolling champion to her long list of accomplishments at Iowa State. Is she surprised to have won her first-ever logrolling competition at Conclave, the yearly intercollegiate timber sports competition? Definitely. Said Zabrodsky, "Coming into college, I never would have known that I would become a midwestern logrolling champion."

Nor would Zabrodsky have known just how much she'd gain from opportunities like attending the Rod and Connie French Conservation Camp in Montana where she researched, networked and learned more about forestry than she ever thought possible. "Forestry camp provided us with loads of hands-on experience," Zabrodsky said. "And getting to see what professionals in our field are doing, as well as hearing their personal stories and advice, was a really cool experience I'm glad to have had." 

No two adventures at Iowa State are ever the same, that's for sure. That's because our students have passions, interests, and hobbies that they make uniquely their own. Now there's only one question left to ask. How are you going to make your adventure stand out?

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