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Iowa State's Mathematicians of Color Alliance is ensuring minori

In the world of mathematics, there are many universal truths. Like 1 + 1 = 2 and you can't divide by 0. Unfortunately, what's not always universal is that students of color get all the support they need to succeed in this competitive field. Iowa State assistant professor of mathematics Michael Young is changing that.

Recently, Young was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Advancing One Community Award by Iowa State's Office of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion. Young won this award in part for creating the Mathematicians of Color Alliance (MOCA) at Iowa State. By providing academic, mentoring and social opportunities, MOCA is ensuring minority students in mathematics feel supported. Said Young, "I wanted to provide something that I think would have been beneficial to me when I was a student."

It's support from professors like Young and programs like MOCA that makes students feel at home at Iowa State. That's what makes this recognition so important to Young -- because to him, it's all about the students.

Whether you join a group like the Mathematicians of Color Alliance or the Women in Science and Engineering Learning Community, at Iowa State you'll find guidance, academic direction and social connections to succeed -- no matter your major.

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