Transferring to adventure

Transfer student Jane Sun-Miller

Will I fit in? What will my classes be like? Will all of my credits transfer? These are just some of the questions many students transferring to Iowa State from community colleges find themselves wondering. But when they enroll in our Admissions Partnership Program (APP), they'll get a firsthand look at what they can expect at Iowa State. That's because students in this program work hand in hand with Iowa State advisers throughout the transfer process.

For students like Jane Sun-Miller, this program is essential to ensure a smooth transition to Iowa State from Marshalltown Community College. Said Sun-Miller, "APP enables me to work closely with my adviser both at Iowa State and Marshalltown Community College to make sure I'm on the right path to transfer."

Another benefit of the Admissions Partnership Program? Getting the perks of being an Iowa State student, like discounts to Big 12 athletic events and access to cultural and social activities where you can meet your new BFF. "APP made me feel like a member of Iowa State even before I was an Iowa State student," said Sun-Miller.

Whether you transfer to Iowa State or start here your freshman year, everywhere you look you'll find opportunities like our Advanced Partnership Program, a multitude of learning communities, and much more to support you on your adventure. So after you graduate, you can make the transfer to a bright future.

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