An adventure in social change

Book collection

In a perfect world, every childhood would be completely carefree. Unfortunately, for many kids, issues like bullying stop this from being a reality. That's where Iowa State graphic design students are making a difference. They're designing and writing children's books to help bullied children in the Ames area realize their self-worth.

Although each book features different characters and plots, one thing's the same -- for these Iowa State students, this is more than just a design project. It's a way to impact their community because their books are donated to the Ames library. "It's really cool being able to have kids pick up something you've worked hard on and have it help them," said Patrice Chapman, junior in graphic design.

Another benefit of a project like this? It's an impressive one to show future employers. Said Rachael Krysa, also a junior in graphic design, "Not many people can say they have written and illustrated a children's book, so this project makes me stand out."

From graphic design students illustrating children's books to industrial engineering students designing football gloves used by pro players, real-world projects are nothing new at Iowa State. This is where you'll write your own adventure.

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