Must-see stops on your Iowa State adventure

Bloggers bowling

Cyclone Life blogger Celeste can tell you -- there's nowhere in the world quite like Iowa State's campus. Check out where the sophomore in journalism and mass communication says you have to go for a one-of-a-kind Cyclone experience.

CyBowl and Billiards

Maybe you didn't know, but Iowa State has an on-campus bowling alley in the Memorial Union! Be sure to go on Mondays when you can enjoy dollar games and dollar shoe rentals. Even though I'm not the best at bowling, I still enjoy the atmosphere and music. They also have billiards, Dance Dance Revolution, and other arcade games. It's definitely an affordable and fun place where you can go with your friends for some friendly competition!

Lagomarcino garden

Although this garden is the most beautiful during the spring, I love walking through it any time of the year. There are plenty of plants and flowers and even benches that are perfect for when you want a minute to sit down, take a deep breath, and enjoy nature. When the weather is nice, my friends and I like to go here to eat lunch. In the garden, you'll find the best coffee shop on campus: Courtyard Café! You have to try their chai tea lattes.

Margaret Sloss Women's Center

This is what I'd call my "safe place." From the outside it looks like a house, and on the inside are comfy couches, board games, tea and coffee, and a kitchen that features a fridge where you can store your lunch. Everyone there is very open and friendly, and it is a great place to go to meet new people, spend a relaxing afternoon, or even rest between classes. They also host events where they promote social change and give out free food.

Free speech zone

In front of the library is our amazing free speech zone. There, you never know what to expect -- that is what makes it so interesting! Sometimes clubs come to promote their organizations, and sometimes brands come here to advertise. You'll even see groups of people wanting to make a change in the world, using it as a platform to speak their minds. Every day there are new people and new things there for you to explore. And as a bonus, you can often score a lot of free things here, too! (While the library plaza is an oft-used site, free expression is encouraged throughout campus. -- Ed)


So, this may be an obvious choice, but our campus features a truly beautiful campanile. Surrounding it are plenty of flowers, trees, and other plants that will make you appreciate nature's beauty. You may often see people there making wishes, studying, and just hanging out. Legend has it that if you kiss someone under the campanile at midnight, you will stay together forever. But however you may use it, the campanile is a place that is familiar and loved by many students!

Celeste's advice: Explore campus as much as you can! It won't take long until you find your favorite spots, which will make Iowa State feel like home.

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