It's not just business. It's an adventure.

Multicultural Business Network

How do Iowa State multicultural business students ensure they're ready for their future careers? They join Iowa State's Multicultural Business Network, of course. That's where they get to speak with employers, partake in career and résumé workshops, and practice their leadership skills.

For many students, the opportunities they've received here have been invaluable. Take Sandra Alvarez, senior in supply chain management, for instance. "Networking and meeting other students was difficult for me at first," Alvarez said. "But the Multicultural Business Network has taught me how to network with employers and peers while teaching me how to improve myself for the career world. I am thankful they provide the opportunity for multicultural students to become involved."

As an added bonus, the Multicultural Business Network helps students feel welcome on campus. Said Fatima Issak, senior in finance, "Iowa State felt like home since my first visit to campus. But when I learned about the Multicultural Business Network, my love for Iowa State was strengthened even more."

In fact, there are all kinds of organizations on campus designed to help you thrive at Iowa State and beyond, from the Multicultural Business Network to the Sustainable Agriculture Student Association. This is just one of the ways we help our students take care of business. No matter their major.

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