A life-changing adventure

Illustration of apparel construction

Ames, Iowa, may seem like it's a world away from South Africa. But Iowa State students in an introductory apparel construction class are bridging the nearly 10,000-mile distance by sewing shorts and dresses for South African children in need. These students are making clothes that are making a difference.

For Iowa State students, the opportunity to construct these clothes and take a study tour trip to South Africa to deliver them to kids in need is eye opening. Said Kayla Carlson, senior in apparel, merchandising, and design, "Knowing their lives are changed by giving them something we take for granted, like a pair of shorts, makes me feel amazing. We are giving them something of their own." Erin Connor, senior in apparel, merchandising, and design, feels the same. "I'm really excited to be able to help others," Connor said.

While these students are making a difference in kids' lives, Iowa State is making a difference in theirs. "During my time at Iowa State, I've discovered my passion for costuming and apparel design and construction," Connor said. Said Carlson, "Iowa State works really hard to ensure we have a future within our passions. It's also allowed me to become involved in various activities to help pursue what I love."

Apparel construction. Physics and astronomy. Management information systems. No matter your passion, no matter your interests, Iowa State has hundreds of world-impacting opportunities to offer. Now there's just one question left to ask: What adventure will you choose?

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