The start of a big adventure

APEX students

When a night of telling ghost stories with new friends turns into a sleepover in your residence hall's den, you know you're going to have an awesome college experience. That's just one of the many unforgettable moments students participating in Iowa State's Academic Program for Excellence (APEX) have experienced.

APEX is facilitated by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. It's how multicultural students get an eight-week glimpse of college life before their first year begins. Here they get to earn college credit, meet professors, and even network with industry professionals. Said Smruthi Sandhanam, a first-year computer engineering major, "One of the best parts was getting visits from representatives from well-known companies like Boeing. The employees who talked to us even recognized us at the career fair in the fall."

It's also the perfect way to make lasting friendships. "APEX introduced me to people that I am certain will be my lifelong friends," said Kpandi Lumeh, a third-year psychology and international studies major. "I really felt as though everyone was like a family," said Sandhanam. "There wasn't a person I didn't talk to or didn't know in the program."

Helping students thrive during college is just what Iowa State does. That's why on campus, students will find programs like APEX, Destination Iowa State, and a multitude of learning communities to help make them feel welcome. Every day of every semester they're here.

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