Bound 4 Adventures in Science

Victor, Natasha, Becky and Thomas Gomez.

Victor, Natasha, Becky and Thomas Gomez share more than a last name. The Des Moines siblings share an interest in science that landed all four on campus this fall for one semester together. They credit Science Bound -- a pre-college program that empowers Iowa students of color to pursue degrees and careers in STEM fields -- for fostering their interest in science and giving them the confidence to work toward degrees in engineering and kinesiology at Iowa State.

The Gomez family’s adventure is just one example of Science Bound’s success over the past 25 years. The program draws high-achieving students from middle and high schools in Des Moines, Denison and Marshalltown. More than 160 Science Bound graduates are on campus this fall, and 113 Science Bound grads now hold degrees from Iowa State. 

To earn a four-year, full-tuition scholarship, Science Bound students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average every semester in high school; participate in activities to develop science, math, leadership and communication skills; and dedicate 40 hours every summer to academic development or career exploration programs.

The scholarship is certainly an incentive for students, but Victor Gomez, who will graduate this fall, says it’s Science Bound’s focus on excellence that he found most valuable.

“Science Bound instills a mindset of constantly improving yourself,” Gomez said. “I apply it to everything I do -- my music, working out -- I’m just constantly pushing myself to get outside my comfort zone and learn new things.”

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