Enjoy the adventure

Students in class listening to a lecture

Enjoy the adventure.
Enjoy making new friends who feel like old friends.
Enjoy cleaning your room only when you want to.
Enjoy cramming all night for midterms.

Enjoy staying out until closing time. At the library.
Enjoy meeting your soul mate.
Enjoy leaving early for class just so you can walk around campus.
Enjoy doing your own laundry. Once.

Enjoy starting your own blog.

Enjoy arguing politics.
Enjoy having politics to argue.
Enjoy joining a club just because a friend did.
Enjoy working so hard you become the club's president.

Enjoy hearing the faint sounds of the Campanile in the distance.

Enjoy getting into the major you wanted your whole life.
Enjoy changing your major. Four times.
Enjoy having a to do list that you never get to the bottom of.

Enjoy discovering stuff about yourself you never knew.

Enjoy the moment when your professor becomes your mentor.
Enjoy learning you secretly love learning.
Enjoy finding your career and your passion can be the same thing.

At Iowa State, we focus on our student's experience. The total experience.

That's why we have 100 majors. 800 clubs. 1,700 faculty members.
We're a big college. But we manage to leave the "big" out.

So you'll find the options you want. And the support you need.
Giving you the freedom and confidence to explore. Struggle. Strive. Fail. Succeed. Learn. Change. Grow.

And in the process, become the unique person you were meant to be.

Enjoy the adventure.