Five places to see on your campus adventure

Students socializing in the Memorial Union Browsing Library. blogger Romina Rivadeneira, senior in computer engineering, loves exploring all Iowa State has to offer. Here she shares some of her favorite places to go on campus. Add them to your Iowa State must-see list!

The Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom

Whenever my friends and I want to eat fancy -- yet affordable and on campus -- we go to the "Tearoom." The Joan Bice Underwood Tearoom is located in the basement of MacKay Hall, and they serve a three-course lunch and dinner. What makes it even fancier is that we have to get reservations in order to dine. The environment is more private than the dining halls, so it's the perfect place to catch up with friends. Students taking hospitality management classes operate the Tearoom, and it's fun to ask the students how their classes work. The Tearoom is definitely a different and lovely dining experience.

Margaret Sloss Women's Center

More toward central campus is the Margaret Sloss Women's Center. For years, I walked by but never went in -- until recently. One of my friends and I decided to check it out for the first time and relaxed while playing board games and watching TV. We found out that the Sloss House promotes a great part of the equality and social change on campus. It is also considered a safe space for individuals and groups. Different events are also held, like The Gender Monologues and socials, etc. It is not only a place to hang out with your friends, but also a place to meet new people who may share your social views.

Memorial Union

I have to say the Memorial Union is probably my favorite place on campus. When it's nice out, my friends and I sit outside to eat or just hang out with the wonderful view of Lake LaVerne. Since I basically live in the building, it's a great escape from being stuck inside. Additionally, this spring semester the MU held Terrace Tuesdays, which featured different food truck vendors on campus with live music and DJs from KURE, our university radio station. The courtyard is a space that can be used for all sorts of things. I even remember one night playing Just Dance with my friends for one of the ISU AfterDark events.

Browsing Library at the Memorial Union

Now, my indoor escape in the Memorial Union is the Browsing Library. It has a Harry Potter feel that I absolutely love. It is a small space and looks historic. I have mostly used this space for studying or relaxing by myself but upon showing this secret place to my friends, I've come to love the intimate coziness it provides for groups. My favorite thing to do here is play chess against my friends (the library also has puzzles and a bunch of other different games). I think the nicest thing is that any group can hang out doing different activities and feel included in the environment. It doesn't matter if you're writing a paper, crocheting, having different conversations throughout the room -- it feels homey.

Multicultural Center in the Memorial Union

My next favorite place to hang out with friends is the Multicultural Center (MCC) -- again, in the Memorial Union. The MCC includes a lounge -- where we usually hang out -- as well as meeting and private rooms. It's a place for everyone. The highlight of this space has to be the giant blackboard wall where we have the privilege to express ourselves on it. We usually write jokes or inspirational quotes. However, the most important part about this feature is the sense of awareness, understanding and respect for others' differences it provides. As the name suggests, the Multicultural Center offers an open space where differences are encouraged and embraced. As an international student, I thoroughly appreciate that.

Romina's advice

Find new places on campus; find the stories behind them; show them to everyone you know. Really, enjoy your adventure at Iowa State.

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