An adventure of their own design

Industrial design student teams

If you go to a Dick's Sporting Goods store in the next few months, then chances are you'll see a product or packaging designed by an Iowa State student in the industrial design program. From innovative football gloves to inventive knee compression packaging, Iowa State students are making their mark on the industrial design world.

It's all part of a partnership between Iowa State's Department of Industrial Design and Shock Doctor®, a leading manufacturer of protective and performance sports equipment in Minnetonka, Minnesota. By partnering with this type of innovative company, students get a chance to test their design talents on real-world applications. Said David Ringholz, industrial design chair, "Industry engagement is one way we support student learning. It's how we help students gain practice with the kinds of projects they'll be doing in their future careers."

So what's cooler than knowing a product you designed will actually get produced? For these Iowa State students, pretty much nothing. Said Tyler Smith, who graduated from Iowa State in industrial design in 2016, "We do really great work in the industrial design program at Iowa State and it's amazing that a lot of these designs can make it to production instead of just being stuck in our portfolios after they are finished."

Whether it's industrial design students partnering with industry leaders like Shock Doctor® or aerospace engineering majors working with global companies like Boeing® -- on your Iowa State adventure, you'll find that unique academic opportunities abound. And it's all by design.

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