Learning communities: Adventuring together

Student learning communities.

When Jamila Johnson wants to study with her Iowa State classmates, she doesn't have to trek across campus. She doesn't even have to put on shoes if she doesn't want to. She just has to go down the hall. That's because the freshman in pre-integrated studio arts is part of the Design Exchange Learning Community, where students in the same major live on the same floor. It makes almost everything easier for these students -- from studying to making friends to even borrowing project supplies.

To listen to Johnson explain it, this experience has been nothing short of awesome. "I love the fact that I can run down the hallway to my hallmate's room and ask her to borrow a T-square. We compare drawings and talk about projects almost every day. We even share supplies in class! I'm really glad I chose to participate. It's the easiest way to make friends," said Johnson.

As an Iowa State junior in elementary education, Anna Douglas also takes part in a learning community -- although hers differs a little from Johnson's. That's because Douglas's learning community, Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers, is one of Iowa State's non-residential learning communities. But even though students don't live together, they still benefit from strong academic and social support. Said Douglas, "Our learning community gives education students a way to make campus feel a little bit smaller and provides life-changing opportunities to get them motivated about teaching. It has made my college experience incredibly rewarding."

With 80 learning communities and countless on-campus activities, there's always something going on at Iowa State to make students feel at home. But no matter what they choose to participate in, they'll eventually all learn the same thing -- just how much they love being a part of our amazing community.

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