Sporting their adventure

Intramural flag football.

All around campus, students wear it like a badge of honor: the coveted Iowa State intramural championship T-shirt. It says to the world they played -- and they were victorious. But it's important to note that even if they don't win a single game, students will still tell you this: Intramurals are a blast.

There's seriously something for everyone. Broomball. Euchre. Battleship H2O. Curling. Pickleball. Adventure race. Even the names of the activities sound like fun, don't they? Plus, participating is a great way to blow off some steam of college life while making new friends. Said Linda Marticke, Iowa State intramural coordinator, "Students can release some of their stress by having fun while participating and socializing with others to form a bond."

Ryan Singletary, senior in mechanical engineering, concurs. Said Singletary, "The number of friends and contacts I've made through intramurals has been astonishing. I've met several people I consider very close friends." Melanie Aust, freshman in environmental science, said intramurals can even help you through that "awkward freshman phase" -- presumably by getting you out of your comfort zone to meet your potential new BFF.

Participating in intramurals is just one of the many ways Iowa State students can get involved on campus and make new friends on their adventure. From intramural sports to clubs like Black Student Alliance, French and juggling, there's always something interesting to participate in at Iowa State. And even if you don't get a T-shirt out of the deal, you'll still be glad you joined in on the fun. Guaranteed.

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