A real-life business adventure

CyBiz student presentation.

For most people, just thinking about giving a presentation to high-ranking business executives from a renowned international company is enough to get their palms sweaty. But for Iowa State students participating in CyBIZ Lab, making presentations like this is no big thing. Students even seem to thrive under the pressure -- because they know they're gaining vital experience that will serve them well in their future careers.

CyBIZ partners with global companies like the Principal Financial Group® as well as local businesses to give students real-world experience working on projects that will actually be implemented. Jacob Duncan, senior in marketing and management, says participating in CyBIZ is an incredible opportunity. Said Duncan, "Getting to say that you were on a team that helped a business solve a real-life problem is a truly invaluable experience." He goes on to add, "Having tangible evidence of your skills will prove to be a student's greatest tool when seeking a full-time job, which is ultimately what we are all here to do."

In fact, it's not unusual for Iowa State students participating in CyBIZ to get job offers long before they graduate. That's just part of the reason CyBIZ is in such high demand among Iowa State students. "CyBIZ has developed a name for itself as a program that prepares students for their future careers," said Duncan. "I was able to get an interview with a consulting company because the recruiter knew about the work we do at CyBIZ, and I was eventually offered the job. Because of CyBIZ, my job search went incredibly well."

Whether students are making big-time presentations to successful companies or participating in small-group research with esteemed professors, opportunities outside of the classroom abound at Iowa State. What can we say? Helping students succeed on their adventure is our number one business -- or BIZness, if you prefer.

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