Some call it an internship. She calls it an adventure.

Iowa State student Ashley Peters.

When Ashley Peters landed an internship with the popular athletic wear company Under Armour, she was ecstatic. And getting this coveted internship is even more impressive when you consider this -- Peters had no clue what she wanted to do when she first arrived at Iowa State.

So she took a semester of classes and got to know what Iowa State had to offer. Then during her second semester, she found it -- what she was meant to do with her life. "When I found out about my current major, I knew that I needed to be in that department," said Peters, who's now a senior in apparel, merchandising, and design. "Iowa State really helped me discover my passion."

Pretty soon, Peters was participating in all sorts of opportunities in her major and outside of the classroom, like becoming director for Iowa State's first-ever pop-up shop at the annual Fashion Show. She credits activities like this for helping her get such an amazing internship. Said Peters, "All of my classes gave me a solid foundation, but the student organizations and extracurricular activities really helped me stand out for an internship at Under Armour."

When you're on your Iowa State adventure, you'll want to try as many opportunities outside of the classroom as you can, whether you're interested in fashion or finance. Because it's like Peters says, "Some of the most valuable life lessons I've learned came from doing things at Iowa State that I never thought I would."