Top reasons to choose Iowa State for your next adventure

Student collage of faces.

World-class academics. Friendly atmosphere. Delicious dining. Really, there are about a million different reasons to choose Iowa State for your next adventure. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our students had to say about why you should come to Iowa State.

Professors care

"Professors come to the classroom just excited to teach and are always willing to help students."

-- Trever Ryen, junior in exercise science

Big 12 sports rock!

"I love the spirit Cyclones have. You see a lot of crazy fans doing awesome things when game time comes around. Hilton Magic is crazy."

-- Sequan Gatlin, junior in journalism and mass communication

Campus takes your breath away

"I love the campus. It's my favorite thing about Iowa State."

-- Dominique Banks, senior in genetics

Study abroad will change your life

"Study abroad is huge. We have an awesome study abroad center on campus. I think study abroad is really important and was an integral part of my undergraduate experience. It was an awesome opportunity." 

-- Neil Gerstein, recent graduate in economics and global resource systems

It's a home away from home

"The thing I like the most about Iowa State is that the people are very friendly. It's a little different, coming from Chicago."

-- Jauan Wesley, sophomore, open option

Recreation Services keeps you fit

"Iowa State has a lot of really good gym facilities. There are a lot of different choices in equipment and what you can do, and I think that's really important."

-- Jacob Lubinus, senior in kinesiology

Residence halls are a blast

"In the dorm, your friends are only a couple of doors away. The friends I made there became my absolute best friends."

-- Ankush Algudkar, sophomore in mechanical engineering

Advisers are supportive

"Because of my majors, I have three advisers. And they're all really good at helping me figure out what to take and exactly when to take it because it can get difficult with everything meshing together at the same time."

-- Jaleel Chandler, sophomore in political science and French

Dining doesn't get any more delicious

"My favorite place to eat on campus would probably be Hawthorn at Frederiksen Court. It's made right for you, whatever you order."

-- Libby Augustine, junior in elementary education

Clubs are diverse

"I've had friends transfer here and I always tell them to join a club. That's where you find your family away from home. That's how I got comfortable here -- when I finally found, you know, my people."

-- Shannon Writt, junior in biology