An adventure with open arms

Student food pantry

Eliminate the food pantry stigma -- that's the mission for volunteers at SHOP, the on-campus food pantry at Iowa State. They're helping Iowa State students who need food assistance get it. No questions asked. No names written down. And they are welcomed with open arms.

SHOP stands for Students Helping Our Peers. Not only do students staff the anonymous food pantry, they also spread the word about SHOP on campus. It's how they're helping Iowa State students get the food they need without fear of judgment. Said SHOP president Jessica Schaumburg, senior in food science, "On campus, we try to encourage anyone to stop by and grab food if they need it and know they won't be judged for coming in."

Student volunteers may be helping their peers, but they're also gaining a valuable lesson from the experience. "I've learned a lot about food insecurity in Iowa and the rest of the country, so being a part of an organization that is helping fight that feels really good and is important to me," said Schaumburg. She also feels grateful to contribute to the friendly atmosphere people love about Iowa State.

From the very first moment you set foot on Iowa State's campus, you'll notice how welcome you're made to feel. It's the organizations that go out of their way to help you fit in. It's the professors who provide you personalized attention. It's the advisers who let you know their doors are always open. It's all this and more that will make up an adventure you'll never forget.