An adventure in research

Goldwater scholar Catherine Meis

Before coming to Iowa State, Catherine Meis did her research to make sure it was the perfect fit for her. Little did she know that while she was here, she would discover she was great at research. In fact, Meis was recently recognized for her capabilities in this area by one of the premier scholarship programs in the country, the Goldwater Scholarship.

The Goldwater Scholarship is the nation's leading undergraduate scholarship for students who want to pursue a research career in mathematics, natural sciences or engineering. Meis, junior in materials engineering, was chosen to be a 2015 Goldwater Scholar from 1,026 students nationwide. She says she discovered her passion for biomedical research while she was in the First-Year Honors Mentor Program at Iowa State. "Without that experience, I don't think I would have discovered what research is and what I love about it until much later in my undergraduate career," said Meis.

Conducting innovative research that helps advance medical technology isn't the only thing Meis loves about Iowa State. She also can't say enough about the people she's met and the relationships she's made on her adventure. Said Meis, "Everyone I’ve worked with is eager to help you succeed. I have made many lasting relationships with faculty, staff, and students that I will draw upon as I move on to graduate school and beyond."

That's what's so great about Iowa State. You'll find heaps of opportunities to discover where your true passion lies, from research to Russian studies and everything in between. But you'll also make relationships that will last a lifetime -- relationships that are sure to follow you as you're researching where your next adventure will lead.