A global adventure

Food for Thought students

Here's something to think about. By the year 2050, there will be more than 9 billion people in the world to feed. Sounds like a big challenge, doesn't it? It certainly is, but Iowa State students are up for the task. They're helping conquer world hunger by participating in competitions like Thought for Food.

Known as the Gung-ho Globies at the time, global resource systems majors Mikayla Sullivan, Ella Gehrke, Elise Kendall, Clayton Mooney and Alexandria Wilson designed a mobile, solar dehydrator for fruit and vegetables called KinoSol for the Thought for Food global challenge. Their team was one of only 10 teams out of 336 entries chosen to compete at the finals. And now, four of the team members have transitioned this project into a startup business that will help battle post-harvest loss and increase nutrition for people in developing countries.

By participating in this challenge, students learned about more than just global food problems. They also learned how important it is to be involved in adventures outside of the classroom. Said Kendall, "Having passions outside of class lets me continue learning but in a different way than a typical classroom setting." Gehrke echoed this sentiment, saying, "The greatest amount of personal growth I have seen in others and myself has come from being involved in activities outside of the classroom."

Whether your passion is helping address global food issues or finding a cure for Parkinson's disease, Iowa State provides the opportunities you need to make a difference in the world. Said Mooney, "Iowa State's network of people and resources is amazing in helping those who want to accomplish big things."

Now that's some real food for thought for students everywhere.

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