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Brain stimulation research team

The brain is so mysterious it's hard to, well, wrap your brain around it. It poses just the sort of challenges that inspire Iowa State engineering faculty and students. For instance, they have developed an electromagnetic deep brain stimulation technology that has many uses in brain therapy, from helping veterans recover from traumatic brain injuries to providing hope for stroke victims.

This technology allows scientists and medical doctors to conduct safe, noninvasive, surgery-free deep brain stimulation, which they were previously unable to do.

And now doctors at the Army's Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the nation's premier military hospital, are using the technology to successfully treat soldiers with brain injuries. Said David Jiles, chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Iowa State and team lead, "The reports coming back indicate that people who have been subjected to traumatic brain injuries and maybe post-traumatic stress disorder seem to be doing better after the treatment than they were before."

But the research adventure into deep brain stimulation doesn't end there. Applications of this technology continue to look encouraging, from potentially helping speed the recovery of stroke victims to treating Parkinson's disease and more.

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