A new adventure. A new family.

Alpha Phi sorority group

Every student wants college to feel like home away from home. At Iowa State, our whole campus is made to feel like that -- and maybe nothing exemplifies this better than our Greek community. Just ask any member of Iowa State's newest sorority, Alpha Phi, and they'll tell you joining a group on campus can make students instantly feel like part of a family.

Rachel Rothmeyer, junior in elementary education, is Alpha Phi's director of campus affairs. Rothmeyer says joining Alpha Phi has really helped her feel like she fits in at Iowa State. Said Rothmeyer, "I have met so many new people through Alpha Phi. Not only have I gained over 100 new friends and sisters, but I also have met other people in the Greek community from socials and attending the different philanthropy events."

Iowa State is home to all kinds of groups that students choose to join, and we're always adding more. But why get involved? Rothmeyer says, "I would recommend other students join in because it really just enhances your college experience as a whole. Joining Alpha Phi has been the absolute best decision I have made in my college career thus far. I never expected, after sharing this past school year with my sisters, that I would feel this at home."

With more than 800 clubs and organizations to choose from at Iowa State, you're sure to find something that appeals to you. Interested in table tennis? There's a group for that. How about finance? There’s a group for that, too. One thing's for sure -- no matter what group you choose, you're in for an adventure.

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