Turning your best idea into an adventure

Several students grouped around a whiteboard

In his entrepreneurship class at Iowa State, Austin Kessler noticed that while his fellow students had a lot of promising ideas, few would ever take that next step to create real startup companies.

Enter the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. They've just launched a great idea of their own: an annual Agricultural Business Plan Competition. Students from 15 land-grant universities competed by developing and presenting their innovative ag business ventures. We're proud to say that two of the three winning teams were from Iowa State.

More important, every participating student gained the motivation and experience outside the classroom to take that next step to success. Just ask Jenna Lansing, an Iowa State junior studying agricultural business and animal science. "This competition was a great opportunity for students like me to push our plans forward and make them a reality."

Austin sees this as a win-win for everybody who entered. "The connections students made will last a lifetime, and they will become future mentors and investors for these young startups."

That just may be this competition's best idea yet.

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