Adventure leads to glory and Glamour

Olivia Meyer knew she wanted to get more involved at Iowa State. The junior in kinesiology missed the thrill of competing as a soccer player, and wanted an activity to help keep her in shape. So she went to ClubFest, and on a whim, Meyer joined the ISU Boxing Club.

Initially, Meyer was looking to meet new people and get a good workout.

“I also needed a little stress reliever,” she said. But after training for more than a year, Meyer and her coach thought she was ready to compete in nationals. She won and became Iowa State’s first female national boxing champion.

Along with winning a national title, Meyer has recently been honored as one of Glamour magazine’s "Hometown Heroes: 50 Phenomenal Women of the Year Who Are Making a Difference." But boxing has given Meyer so much more than championships and accolades.

“Boxing helped my social ability,” Meyer said. “It’s a really tight-knit community in here.”

When her adventure at Iowa State ends, Meyer wants to give back to the sport she’s grown to love. She’s interested in pursuing a coaching license and starting a gym for kids.

“Boxing is excellent at teaching discipline, communication, and being social, and it can drive out bad habits,” she said.

See more of Olivia Meyer’s story in this video.