Making connections. Enjoying the adventure.

Peer mentorship. Academic support. Friendship. Fun activities. And don't forget the free food. These are just some of the benefits students get to enjoy as participants of Connect Four -- a program designed to give first-year students of color in the College of Human Sciences the opportunity to meet new people and learn about life at Iowa State.

Connect Four is all about what its name implies -- connections. Just ask Brian Le, senior in kinesiology. Said Le, "Connect Four gave me an opportunity to get to know people better because you don’t always get the chance in a lecture hall setting to actually talk to someone. Also, getting to know the people who are in charge of Connect Four has helped me fit into Iowa State greatly."

From weekly meetings to résumé-building seminars, Connect Four helps students feel at home during their Iowa State adventure. But it also helps students prepare for their adventure after college. Said participant Markus Flynn, junior in kinesiology, "The one thing that benefited me the most was the relationship I've built with faculty who run the program. They've written me countless letters of recommendation."

At Iowa State, groups like Connect Four and our dozens of learning communities exist to help students fit in on campus right away. And there are countless reasons to join these groups. Said Le, "These programs will help you have a smooth transition into college and prepare you for after graduation." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.