What makes Iowa State such an adventure?

Going to college. It’s perhaps the most important years of your life. It’s a time to explore your interests. Your dreams. What you will become. Where you want your life to go. It’s also where you’ll meet some of your best friends -- because here, you’ll make friendships that will last a lifetime.

At Iowa State University, you choose from more than 100 majors, taught by professors who are internationally renowned in their fields. So you’ll find the major you want today. But one day you might even discover another major that speaks to a deeper passion you don’t even know you have.

When you get to Iowa State, you’ll find that the opportunities to explore your interests are almost limitless. You have your choice of more than 800 clubs, a study abroad program that spans the globe to every continent, advanced research labs where you learn from hands-on experience, Big 12 athletics, and world-touring concerts and Broadway shows.

In other words, at Iowa State you have the options you want and the support you need to explore, strive, succeed, learn, change and grow. In the process, you become the unique person you were meant to be.

Enjoy the adventure.