Adventures in #dining

Delicious omelet for breakfast, thanks #ISUdining

#ISUdining can you make margherita pizza?

Shout-out to #ISUdining for having #enchiladas today -- made my day

That’s just some of the tasty feedback ISU Dining has received from Iowa State students through their newly implemented Tagboard program. Tagboard collects the hashtag “ISUdining” from different social media platforms and puts the posts in one place -- a Tagboard. That Tagboard is online and also displayed on TV screens in Union Drive Marketplace, ISU Dining’s largest dining center.

ISU Dining staff started using this program because they’re always on the lookout for ways they can better serve their student diners, and they saw other departments using Tagboard with success. Says Brittney Rutherford, ISU Dining and Department of Residence marketing coordinator, “We’re here to serve students, so their feedback is incredibly important. We get all kinds of feedback -- from photos of their meals to their opinion on music playing, as well as things that aren’t cooked the way they want them to be or suggestions on what we can do better.”

Everything students tag with #ISUdining is being taken into consideration, whether it’s a comment saying they love the decorate-your-own cookies or a remark about how the pepperoni pizza could use more pepperoni. Says Rutherford, “We respond to students and then make sure their feedback gets to the manager of whatever unit they’re commenting about.” This is just one way ISU Dining is ensuring that students’ voices are being heard.

All around Iowa State, faculty and staff are going out of their way to enhance the student experience, whether it’s the Department of Residence arranging move-in helpers for students or professors using bilingual lecture slides. After all, you come to Iowa State looking for an adventure. We want to give you an adventure that’s off the charts.