An out-of-this-world adventure

This year at NASA’s annual Lunabotics Mining Competition, Iowa State’s Lunabotics Club left other teams in its moon dust. That’s because the lunar robot that 18 club members spent hours designing, assembling, and testing took home the coveted first-place spot, scooping up more than 115 kilograms of simulated moon soil. This win was one small step for lunar robots. One giant leap for Iowa State’s Lunabotics Club.

When students who are passionate about lunabotics join Iowa State’s club of the same name, they not only deepen their knowledge of the subject – they embark on an adventure with others who share their same passion. Even better yet, many team members form friendships that will last long after graduation. “I’ve met some awesome people by joining the Lunabotics Club. We’ve spent a lot of time together working, but we also get together just to hang out,” said David Peiffer, sophomore in industrial engineering.

And taking home first place at NASA’s Lunabotics Mining Competition was definitely icing on the cake. “It’s cool. I knew our team had it in it to win this,” said project director Katie Goebel, a senior in mechanical engineering at the time of the competition.

Lunabotics. Dance. Architecture. Marketing. No matter students’ hobbies, passions, or part-time obsessions, Iowa State has a mix of 800 clubs and organizations on campus. So students are sure to find one or two clubs they’re over the moon for – while making friendships that last a lifetime.

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