An adventure within an adventure

Iowa State students know they’re in for an adventure the minute they step on campus. But sometimes their most memorable moments happen when they head off university grounds -- and into another country for a week or two. We call it our Study Abroad Shorts program. Participants call it life changing.

One of those participants is Daquane Triplett, junior in psychology, who went to Belize for 10 days during his Shorts program journey. While there, he was able to help the villagers he met by building invaluable solar latrines. His favorite part of his experience? Getting out of the classroom and seeing what the real Belize was like. “I liked how the places we stayed along the way and how we lived made me feel like I was a Belizean instead of a tourist,” Triplett said.

Shorts program participants can choose to visit the Bahamas, Italy, Belize, China or Spain. But no matter where they go, they’ll learn a lot about the world -- and themselves. Said Triplett, “I learned that no matter where you’re from, people often have much more in common than they would think. It also has taught me to be a lot more sociable in my everyday life. I made some great friends that I may never have even spoken to if it weren’t for this program.”

The Study Abroad Shorts program is a unique way first- and second-year Iowa State students can explore new places, develop career skills, and make new friends during their spring or summer break. And all it takes is packing your bags and heading off campus -- and on to an international adventure.

For more information about the Study Abroad Shorts program, click here.