An adventure in politics

For students passionate about politics, there’s no city more exciting than Washington, D.C. Bills being formed. Laws being passed. It’s a political junkie’s dream. And for five members of Iowa State’s Government of the Student Body, it’s where they recently had the opportunity to have their voices heard during Big 12 Day on the Hill.

There, students met with Iowa senators and congressmen to advocate for higher learning. For students who care about making a difference as much as these GSB members do, taking their concerns to D.C. was inspiring. “We got to be the face of higher education,” said Nyajuok Deng, senior in criminal justice and political science. For Jacob Thomas, senior in accounting, discussing issues with representatives was exhilarating. “It’s a thrill to meet the people who represent you on a national stage,” he said.

Nyajuok and Jacob work hard to represent Iowa State students through GSB, whose mission is to strengthen students’ voices and enhance students’ experiences. And they’ve learned a thing or two in the process. “GSB has taught me how to network and build meaningful relationships,” said Jacob.

And GSB isn’t the only organization where students get the opportunity to connect with others who share their same passion. Iowa State has more than 800 clubs and organizations that cover interests of all kinds. But why should you look beyond the classroom to get involved on campus? Said Nyajuok, “There are hands-on experiences you get from joining clubs that add to the college experience.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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