Art is an adventure

Take a stroll on Iowa State’s campus and you’ll be surrounded by spectacular art at every step. That’s because Iowa State has one of the largest campus public art programs in the United States. And one of the most exciting recent additions includes Panthers, a bronze sculpture by Iowa State’s first artist-in-residence, Christian Petersen. “The sculpture’s explosive nature,” said Director of University Museums Lynette Pohlman, “seems to captivate people young and old.”

Having artwork like Panthers on campus does many wonderful things, like sparking student interest in art and helping them develop a keen visual literacy. Pohlman explains the importance of visual literacy like this, “Visual literacy, when practiced regularly, will increase creative problem solving and critical thinking in all academic disciplines.” A biologist, for example, would draw upon visual literacy while examining cells in a Petri dish, while an agronomist may use it to visually identify the effects of erosion.

Every day, by taking in the art Iowa State has to offer, students sharpen their creative problem solving and critical thinking – two skill sets that are sure to serve them well throughout their lifetime.

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