How did this gardening app grow?

With roughly 250 annuals and perennials to learn in the herbaceous ornamentals class at Iowa State, it can sometimes be a challenge for students to keep the plants straight. That's why Cindy Haynes, associate professor of horticulture, along with Michael Reinert, former ISU assistant professor, initially created the "Mobile Educator: Flowers 101" app. So students could easily access in-depth information about each plant on two of the devices they use the most -- their phones and tablets.

The app also features a flashcard game that highlights both common and scientific plant names, which further helps engage students in the learning experience. But students aren't the only ones who have found the app helpful. So have home garden enthusiasts and master gardeners alike. Part of that reason is because the app makes it easy for them to find the perfect plants for their gardens since it features information like sunlight requirements and other growing conditions.

At Iowa State, our professors are constantly thinking up new ideas like the "Mobile Educator: Flowers 101" app to make the learning process more dynamic for their students. And it all starts from the ground up.