Putting their best foot forward

First you pop. Then you lock. Then you perform your routine in front of hundreds of onlookers in venues like C.Y. Stephens in Ames or the Target Center in Minneapolis during halftime of a Minnesota Timberwolves game. At least that’s what you do when you’re a member of Iowa State’s hip-hop dance club, Dub H.

If it sounds nerve-racking, that’s because it can be. But when you love to dance, nerves don’t mean much. For Dub H member Leah Mills, a senior in anthropology, dancing has helped improve her confidence and leadership skills in many areas, including class. She also says dancing is as much a part of her life as breathing. "It’s honestly necessary for me to function," Mills said. "Dancing determines my mood and influences all aspects of my life."

The same could be said about many Dub H members. Because for them, dancing is more than just fun -- it’s their passion. And what could be better than sharing your passion with a multitude of talented individuals who love to do what you love to do?

That’s what’s so great about the 800 student clubs and groups at Iowa State -- the chance for people who live and breathe the same interests to meet one another. It’s how connections are formed and lifelong friendships made. And if you’re Leah Mills, it’s also how you get to live out your dreams. Said Leah, "When I dance, my body and soul go to a place of pure joy.”

That sounds like a pretty good place to be.
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