Racing at the speed of light

How many tanks of gas does it take to drive from New York to Minnesota? Exactly zero. That is, if you’re an innovative Iowa State student. And you drive a solar car built by a student club called Team PrISUm.

Team PrISUm brings students from majors all across the university—including English, journalism, engineering, computer science and design. Together, these dreamers design, build and race solar cars. This year their dedication and ingenuity helped Team PrISUm place second in the 1,650-mile American Solar Challenge. It’s the highest finish in the club’s history.

That’s the thing about Iowa State University. We have clubs and organizations that are recognized as the best in the country, giving our students an opportunity to explore their interests, as well as meet fellow students who share their passions both on campus and all across the country.

The students in Team PrISUm are currently working on an even more efficient solar car, proving that cars can travel across the country by fueling up on the sun’s rays.

More information about Team PrISUm.