Paying it back

Malika Jeffries-EL remembers she had a difficult time transitioning from the projects of New York City to college because she had a hard time fitting into her new surroundings. But after joining several organizations and clubs, she began to feel more at home.

That’s why, now as an Iowa State associate professor of chemistry, Malika reaches out to students who face similar obstacles. She wants them to feel like they belong in the community, so she advises them to get involved in clubs and organizations they feel passionate about. She also mentors these students so they can live up to their academic potential and find a successful career.

The student experience is what makes Iowa State one of the most student-centered public research universities in the nation. Programs, organizations, and professors like Malika help students feel welcome on campus.

As for Malika, she is not only helping students with their future, she’s also showing them how to pay their experience forward.

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