A man in motion

Second-year student Shane Kirkegaard has already chosen his path as a pre-med student and a biology and business double major. While he was taking a pre-med course in organic chemistry, he became impressed with the work of his professor, Dr. Jason Chen. So he asked Chen if he could be a part of the research team that is trying to synthesize a scarce molecule found in a rare algae because of its cancer inhibiting qualities. Professor Chen noticed his enthusiasm and said yes. Shane was selected to present the research at the Capitol for Iowa lawmakers during the 2012 General Assembly.

As a major public research university, Iowa State provides a multitude of opportunities for undergraduate students, like Shane, to work alongside our professors who are developing new knowledge and creating solutions to real-world challenges. Our students present research papers at national and international conferences and are acknowledged by their professors in papers published in professional journals.

Shane is always in motion, constantly focused on making the most of his pre-med adventure at Iowa State.

Learn more about undergraduate research opportunities at www.undergradresearch.iastate.edu.