The whole point is to help students grow

We have national champions in our midst. In fact, this team has won nine bowl competitions out of the last ten. And every other school in the country is out to beat them. Meet the grass gladiators of the Turf Club at Iowa State.

How do they do it? Simple, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep in championship form. They meet at prestigious golf courses to get some hands-on training. They invite guest speakers to meetings to reveal the latest techniques in turf. They even network with top golf course superintendents at conferences across the United States.

Okay, it doesn’t exactly sound grueling. Actually, it sounds quite fun -- not to mention that it also gives them a leg up in a career they’ll love. That’s why Iowa State offers 800 clubs that span any interest, any field, any major. And like the Turf Club, these clubs are recognized as the finest in the nation.

In the end, the whole point is about students meeting new friends, exploring new fields, discovering themselves and growing into the people they were destined to become.

But let’s be honest: the winning part feels pretty awesome too.